The Highlander produces beef of exceptional quality, rich in flavour and texture. Despite living happily in cold and wet conditions, the Highlander does not rely on a thick layer of fat under the skin to keep him warm. Instead, he has a two-layer coat: an outer layer with hair often over a foot long to keep out the water and a dense fluffy short coat to act as insulation underneath. The hide itself is also much thicker than in other breeds, providing yet more protection from the cold. All of this ensures that the finished beast remains remarkably lean.

Rearing Highlanders is something that cannot be rushed. Having evolved to survive in arduous conditions and poor quality grazing, they grow slowly compared to more common "commercial" breeds. Unlike their continental cousins who spend six months of the year indoors being intensively fed, the Highlander spends every day outdoors eating grass with only a small amount of hay and cereal as an extra in the winter. This very natural diet undoubtedly leads to better flavour and a happier, healthier animal. Studies by the prestigious Scottish Agricultural College and MAFF have shown that, compared to other breeds, pedigree Highland beef has much lower levels of cholesterol and fat (on a par with fish and chicken) and higher levels of iron and protein. So, not only is this outstandingly good beef, it's also the healthy option!