However proud we are of our Highland Beef, it is the slow-cooking cuts that really show off the star-quality of the meat. Having been allowed to grow at its own relaxed pace, it's perhaps not surprising that letting the meat cook gently on a low heat brings out the unparallelled flavour and succulence of beef at its very best.

We offer three types of slow-roasting joint - Brisket, Slow-Roast and Chuck, all typically in the 1.4kg to 2.4kg size range. Best seared in a very hot oven for twenty minutes, then placed in a covered pan (perhaps with a little wine or beer) and left in the bottom of the oven on low heat for as long as you can bear to wait.

Braising steak is supplied in thick slices which can either be cooked whole or cut up, to taste. We can also supply other cuts such as shin and skirt as pieces that the cook can cut up as necessary.

Our cubed stewing steak is cut into roughly 1" cubes and sold in packs around 500g, ready for use in stews and pies.